SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

21 July 1971


(Operation Montana Mustang) (U)




    a. TF 1-11 conducted reconnaissance in force, rocket suppression and night ambush operations in AO WHITE. Battalion CP was secured by one rifle company. The battalion 4.2” mortar platoon provided general support to the rifle companies operating in the AO. Battalion Reconnaissance conducted daylight surveillance, rocket suppression, sniper and night ambush operations in assigned zones.


    b. TF 1-11 (-) assumed brigade reserve with (2) companies, and prepared to assume control of the brigade reaction force on a one hour notice. One company maintained the Bald Eagle/Sparrow Hawk Mission, while the other company conducted small unit quarterly training.


    c. TF 1-11 conducted rice denial operations in AO WHITE with one (1) cavalry troop in conjunction with Regional Forces from Mai Linh and Hai Lang District and established liaison teams.


11.   (C)   EXECUTION:


The majority of the time this operation TF 1-11 operated with three of its organic infantry companies. The companies were assigned an area of operation of approximately ten grid squares within AO WHITE. Within there AO’s the companies concentrated their operations on search and clear, reconnaissance in force and night ambush operations. One company had the responsibility for providing security for FSB ANNE as well as conducting reconnaissance in force around FSB ANNE. During the early part of the operation TF 1-11 was responsible for providing security for an engineer constructing roads North, Southeast, and South to Southwest of FSB ANNE. During this period a platoon from A Company 7th Engineers and a platoon of cavalry were OPCON to TF 1-11. During the period when TF 1-11 was conducting small unit training of rifle companies, the battalion CP group was prepared to command and control a reaction force anywhere in the Brigade TAOR on a one hour notice, as well as, maintaining one company as the brigade’s ready reaction force. During this period the battalion also provided sniper teams at night to provide security on the ranges used for training. Upon completion of quarterly training, TF1-11 was assigned the responsibility for AO WHITE and AO BLUE. The main responsibility in AO BLUE was rice denial operations and for this mission TF 1-11 was assigned one (1) cavalry troop which operated in conjunction with Regional Forces from Mai Linh and Hai Lang District. In addition, TF 1-11 provided two (2) AN/PPS 5 radar sets with crews to the district to assist in the rice denial operations during the rice harvest. Throughout the operation the battalion reconnaissance and sniper teams were used in an economy of force role to cover infiltration and exfiltration routs as well as daylight surveillance, night ambush, reconnaissance, rocket suppression and day and night sniper operations. The heavy mortar platoon was split, with one section at FSB ANNE and two sections at CAMP ROBERTS. During the latter part of the operation TF 1-11 had the requirement to provide security at the ASP at Quang Tri Combat Base as well as to provide an ambush forward of the bunker line in Foxtrot Sector.




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