SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

21 July 1971


(Operation Montana Mustang) (U)




            (1)  101525H Apr 71, YD333433, Recon Team 1/11, an UH1H was inserting the team and just about to touch down when it detonated a boobytrap causing damage to the engine compartment and 1 x US WIA from recon team. The UH1H lifted off to another location to NE at YD386488 where the crew and team were extracted. D/3-5 was on station. The pilot reported that the aircraft received small arms fire resulting in 1xround going through the roof when the aircraft set down. The aircraft was secured by RF/PF elements.


            (2)  111450H Apr 71, YD316413, Recon Team 1/11 while attempting to insert recon team the helicopters received AK-47 fire from an unknown number of personnel in the vic YD323422 resulting in negative casualties and damage. Gunships were on station and ARA was requested and came on station. Artillery was employed with unknown results. There was 1 x NVA KBA and 2 x bunkers destroyed. One control and command shuip received 1 x hit of small arms fire while checking out YD322422.


           (3)  111735H Apr 71, YD325426, Recon Team 1/11 received small arms fire from 30-40 M SE of its location by 12 x enemy personnel advancing towards its location. Team returned small arms fir and artillery was employed. Gunships and ARA were requested, came on station and were expended. At 111810H the Sparrow Hawk 1/D/1-11 platoon was inserted to reinforce the recon team and linked up with the team at 111845H. Contact was broken at 111815H. There were negative friendly casualties and unknown enemy casualties.


           (4)  120846H Apr 71 YD251400, Recon Team 3/1-11 had a claymore mechanical ambush detonate 80 M S of their RON position. The team checked out the area and found 2 x NVA KIA and 2 x AK-47ís and some documents. While checking out the bodies, the team began receiving small arms fire an estimated 10-12 NVA 80M to their S. The team returned small arms fire and Barky and D/3-5 came on station. Artillery was employed at 120910H. Sparrow Hawk was requested and 2/D/1-11 was inserted at 121020H. There were negative friendly casualties. On KIA had on green fatigues, the other KIA was wearing black pajamas.


           (5)  150507H Apr 71, YD330429 Recon Team 1/1-11 received hand grenades from all sides from an estimated 3-4 x NVA resulting in 1 x US KIA and 3 x US WIA. Small arms fire was returned. 3/C/3-5 moved to link up and aided in evacuation of the personnel.


           (6)  161937H Apr 71 YD173427, CP/A/1-11 found a mine of undetermined type. The mine was blown in place.




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