SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

21 July 1971


(Operation Montana Mustang) (U)


             (7) 181030H Apr 71 YD325425, 3/B/1-11 went in to recover sensor string 302 radio-activated claymores discovered that 4 x claymores, 1 x remote firing device and 1 ARF buoy had been stolen. The time of theft is unknown and there were no signs of activity in the area in the last few hours. The area was thoroughly searched and 3 x sensors and 2 x claymores were recovered. The unit plans to keep personnel operating in the area.


            (8)  181550H Apr 71, YD252399, 3/B/1-11 while inserting the senor implant team a gunship prep of the LZ resulted in 1 x NVA KBA. Ground elements ere extracted when helicopters spotted an estimated platoon size element in vic of YD250405. The enemy was observed moving out of the area to the N and SW. Gunships, 4.2, 81mm mortar, and artillery fires were used to engage the area and 1/A/1-11 was inserted as a reaction force. The area will be swept at first light by the reaction force.


            (9)  251705H Apr 71, YD194372, 2/B/1-11 found 1 x SKS with a bayonet. The weapon appears to have been left in the position for 6 x months, weapon was evacuated to S-2/1-11.


            (10)  272255H Apr 71, YD284385, 3/D/1-11 had a claymore mechanical ambush detonate 125m W of their NDP. Area was engaged with organic weapons and 81mm mortar fire; a sweep was made at first light with negative results.


            (11)  300850H Apr 71, YD327416, 3/A/1-11while moving through the area on a search and clear operation, the unit received what was believed to be M-16 and M-79 fire from the NE. They saw what they believed to be 3 x enemy personnel moving to the W, artillery blocking fires were employed and organic weapons fire was returned. The unit began a sweep of the area and found 7 x bunkers and a trail on the E side of hill. The trail was 18 wide and 4 high. It was cut though heavy vegetation. The area appeared to be an old enemy position, but there was evidence that the area was being used by 3 x 5 personnel. The bunker had 6-18 of overhead cover. There were also 6 x huts in the area and 2 x positions for cooking. The following items were captured: 1 x females bra, 1 x B-40 round, piece of  a shirt, vials of liquids, 1 x box of pills, and 2 x bottles of yellow powder. The bunkers were destroyed.


            (12)  201046H Apr 71, YD321399, 1/A/1-11 while on a patrol around the units NDP, the unit received small arms fire from a sniper who fired from the SE and fled to the SE. Organic weapons and artillery fire was placed on the area to the SE and a sweep was made with negative results, there was 1 x US WIA.


            (13)  010850H May 71, YD305453, 2/A/1-11 while moving on a search and clear operation, the point man detonated what is believed to be a booby trapped 81mm or 82mm mortar round, resulting in 1 x US KIA and 1 x US WIA.




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