SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

21 July 1971


(Operation Montana Mustang) (U)


            (14)  011900H May 71, YD336424, 3/A/1-11 reported receiving 15 x 82mm mortar rounds all of which impacted 300-400 meters S of their position. The element was moving toward their NDP when they began to receive the fire. 81mm moartar fire was placed on the suspected enemy location of YD325411, the area was also engaged with artillery fire. A pink team came on station and worked the area over.


            (15)  021745H May 71, YD516655, B/1-11 spotted 7 x NVA in the open moving E across an open field 1500m away. The NVA were spotted from a high hill and were in a valley. The NVA were wearing heavy camouflage like natural foliage. They were moving 50m at a fast pace, then laying down for awhile and then moving again. The unit was unable to determine if the enemy were carrying any weapons or equipment. Artillery fire was placed at YD075675 and the enemy changed direction of movement to the S. B/1-61 close on the area within 30 minutes and conducted a sweep,negative results. B/1-61 then withdrew and D/3-5 will conduct a sweep at first light.


            (16)   031740H May 71, YD336425, A/1-11 while moving E to NE on a recon in force detonated a small pressure type boobytrap.  There were 4 x US WIA. The trap was fairly old, homemade, and injuries resulted from loose rocks more than shrapnel.


            (17)  051707H May 71, YD328419 1/C/1-11 found 13 x 155mm canisters, 4 x US five gallon containers, 1 hootch with a bunker underneath it. Five of the canisters were full of rice. The bunker and rice were destroyed and the area swept with negative results.


            (18)  061328H May 71, YD331413, 3/C/1-11 detected an ammo can with a 60mm mortar round under it, it was heavily camouflaged and had a pressure type detonator. The trap was prepared to be destroyed in place and personnel moved 20-25 meters away and detonated an unknown size push pull release boobytrap resulting in 2 US WIA. The first trap was blown in place and a search of the surrounding area was made with negative results.


            (19)  0617546H May 71, YD232421, 3/B/1-11 while working with a scout dog team, the unit found an unknown type trip wire boobytrap 200m E of its RON location. The wire was across a trail. The unit did not have the time or equipment to blow the trap, so a mechanical ambush was set up in vicinity. The unit returned on the morning of 07 May to destroy it.


            (20)  071715H May 71, YD343422, 1/C/1-11 while patrolling 1 x of the personnel hit a boobytrap, resulting in 1 x US WIA. A medevac was requested, as the dustoff chopper came in the prop blast set off another trap injuring 1 x US and causing damage to the fuselage, blade and side of the aircraft. The medevac was completed. The first trap left an area 2 wide and barely broke the surface. The trap was smaller than a grenade and believed to be homemade. A check of the area was made for more boobytraps with negative results.




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