SUBJECT: Task Force 1-11 Combat After Action Report

21 July 1971


(Operation Montana Mustang) (U)


            (21)  100230H May 71, YD344424, 1/C/1-11 received 5-7 x unknown type rounds which impacted 200m outside of their NDP. There were negative casualties or damage.


            (22)  101515H May 71, YD349425 1/C/1-11 spotted 2-3 x NVA moving N at an estimated range of 200-300 meters. Small arms fire was exchanged with unknown results. Artillery fires were employed and gunships fired up the area.


            (23)  101930H May 71, YD343424, 1/C/1-11 spotted 2 x personnel at YD346425, they were engaged with M-60 machinegun and 81mm mortar fire with unknown results. At 1945H 2 x more personnel were spotted 100 meters SW of their location. They engaged with M-60 machine gun and M-16 rifle fire with unknown results.


            (24)  141530H May 71, YD327435 3/C/1-11 found a shallow grave and a boobytrap made of a Chicom grenade. The grave was at least 6-8 x months old and contained an estimated 6 x bodies. The trap was destroyed in place.


            (25)  131940H May 71, YD335425 CP/2/4/D/1-11found a boobytrapped 1 x gallon can full of rocks, which had atripwire running from the can to a stake. The trip wire had been burned in half by a brush fire. Boobytrap was destroyed in place.


            (26)  190755H June 71, YD 147725, 1/B/1-11 found a 500 pound bomb. An EOD Team was requested and the bomb destroyed in place.


            (27)  231450H June 71, YD249383, 3/D/1-11 while on a recon in force, the element found a boobytrap with the help of a scout dog. The trap had a wire running across a trail and connected to a blasting cap which was attached to a 60mm mortar round. The mortar round was inside a metal container along with a frag grenade. The trap was blown in place.


            (28)  262320H June 71, YD254422, Sniper Team 1 received 3 x rounds of unknown type mortar fire, resulting in negative casualties or damage. Artillery was employed on the SE as a blocking force with negative results.


            (29)  012215H July 71, YD208377, CP/A/1-11 spotted 3 x NVA approximately 1000 meters to the SW of their position.. Artillery was employed with unknown results.


            (30)  031605H July 71, YD359433, Ranger Tm 15 detonated an anti-personnel mine. Area was swept for additional mines before the medevac arrived with negative findings. There was 1 X US WIA.




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