Paul Carlson, 11C



1970 - 1971
A Co. 1st. Bn. 11th. Bde. 5th. Inf. Div.


Paul Carlson, Steve Sullens and Charles Marcum Reunion 2007


By Paul Carlson


After 36 years and some previous contact with Steve and Charles, my wife, Renee, and I decided to make our own small reunion with a couple of my old friends from Nam. We started in Rogers Arkansas where we met up with Steve Sullens and his wife June and their family. They really gave us a down home family welcome. Jack, their son, made sure to stop by every night to BBQ our dinner. We thought that was great. Thanks Jack!



Steve Sullens & Paul Carlson - 2007


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Steve is a pretty good Bass fisherman too. We hit the water a couple of times and had a great time on Beaver Lake. In fact, the day we were leaving Steve took me out one more time to throw a line out a few more times before we left.

I was really thrilled to be able to meet with Steve and his Family after all these years of not even being in contact, I wasn't sure how our meeting would go, but It was like we had only been away for a short time and our friendship was still as strong as it was when we were in Nam. I would encourage everyone to look up their long lost friends. The feeling is great. You see physical changes, but you also see that the heart is the same. One day in the future, we will see you again. Steve & June, Thank you so much for your Friendship, Hospitality, and Great Time.



Paul Carlson & Charles Marcum - 2007


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After we left Arkansas, we were on our way to Cave City, Kentucky, via Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We finally reached our destination at the home of Charles & Joyce Marcum in Cave City, where again we were greeted with open arms. We sat and talked about old times for a while. Afterwards went out to dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant. We had a great dinner and returned to their home to spend an evening of looking through Chuck's old photo album and papers. You would be surprised at how good your memory can become when there are people around who remember the things that you have forgotten. We didn't want to keep Charles and Joyce up too late. So after a great reunion and some good memories, we moved on to working our way back  to our home in California.

I just want to say to the Sullen and Marcum Families: Thank you so much for the Great time you have shown us, and the new memories that we now have. We love you guys! Take care and Best Wishes to all of you.

Your Friends in California,
Paul and Renee Carlson

P.S.  Bob Harp, our hearts are with you.



Charles  Ames


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