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Tear Gas and Water Buffalo

by SGT Larry Carr (11B)




Most of the time when we went back out to the field after a short stand down, we would be transported out by helicopters, but on this trip we were being trucked out. So we all loaded up in deuce and a half trucks and headed out. We were told we would be traveling through part of a large village or city, the name of which I can't remember. It was a long and dusty ride and everyone was getting bored. As we approached the village we thought we would have some fun. There were lots and lots of Vietnamese kids lining the streets as we passed by so we began tossing C-ration cans to the kids. There would be a mad dash to collect the cans. Then someone got the bright idea to drop the cans off the back of the truck and the kids would then dash between the trucks and scoop up the cans before the truck behind ran them over. It was quite a daring game and all for a can of ham and eggs.

About this time, I looked off in the distance and there was this kid herding his water buffalo in a nearby field. I turned to Michael Wolfe, my M79 man, and said, "Give me your M79 and a tear gas round." Well, you can guess what happened next. It was a perfect shot. It landed right beside the kid and his water buffalo. You have never lived until you have seen water buffalo gassed. It bucked and ran like it was in a Wild West rodeo.

This was fun, so I began to look for other targets. I soon spotted an old papa-san sitting by this large pot, cooking rice. You got it! I almost put the round right in his pot. When the gas hit him, he started running and ran right into the side of his hooch. It was hilarious. That's when the truck came to a sudden stop and LT Rees came bailing out of the truck, runs around to the back and yells, "Who fired those rounds?" Here I sat holding an M79 with smoke still coming out of the barrel. He looks at me and yells, "Sergeant Carr, one more stunt like that and you are riding up front with me." Officers! You just can't have any fun when they are around!




Charles  Ames


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