NVA Bunker Complex

by SGT Larry Carr (11B)



In the early morning hours, 1st platoon was inserted into a LZ to look for NVA that our recon had spotted moving through the area. I remember the LZ was an open field right next to a large wooded forest. We quickly exited the choppers and my squad took the point. I took point myself and we moved out. I can't remember who our LT was at that time. It may have been LT Rees but I am just not sure. Anyway, I was given the order to move out and given a direction to move.

Moving through the forest was relatively easy. I remember the forest was flat, which made for an easy walk. We would move a ways then stop and listen. Everything was very quiet. As we moved along I began to notice a tree here and there that was cut down with what appeared to have been cut with a saw. The cut was very smooth. I asked one of my guys if they had ever seen anything like that and he said no. I had never seen anything like this either and it was some what puzzling. I called back for LT to come up and take a look. He couldn't explain it either. We discussed this for a few more minutes, when all of a sudden it hit both of us like a tone of bricks, "Bunkers". The gooks had cut down the trees to build bunkers. We passed the word back for everyone to stay alert. He told me to move out but be very careful.

We moved deeper into the forest still noticing trees missing with nothing but stumps left. Then all of a sudden I spotted a bunker. I was no more than a few feet from the sucker. If someone had been home I would not be here today. We immediately took cover. LT came up and then we began to see more bunkers. They were so well camouflaged that we had walked right into the middle of an NVA bunker complex. It was frightening experience.

LT spread the rest of the platoon out and took my squad to investigate the complex. It was completely empty. He moved up the rest of the platoon and we began to search the bunkers. They were very well built and it was my first chance to take a look at one. The hole was about 4 ft. wide, 6 ft. long and about 4 ft. deep. There were sleeping compartments cut into the back walls. The overhead cover was also very well built. There was a layer of logs then mud and then another layer of logs. The complex was located next to a small stream. There was also thatched hooch about the size of a small bedroom. Scattered around the complex were discarded pieces of equipment. There were also bloody bandages scattered around.

We had just missed what had to have been at least a company of NVA if not more, because there were about 20 or 30 bunkers in this complex. I know this was good thing for us because we had just walked right into the middle of this bunker complex and not a one of us had seen the first bunker until we were standing right smack in the middle of the thing.





Charles  Ames


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